Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the dynamics of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas

Priva B.V.

Participant Nº: 5    Short name: PRI    Country: Netherlands

Organization’s profile

Priva B.V. is a family owned company limited by shares with expertise in hardware, software and services for climate and process control. Priva is a key player in the field of automated climate and process control, in the Horticultural and Building Intelligence markets. The Building Intelligence division is specialised in Building Management Systems (BMS). Priva objective is to create a healthy, comfortable, productive environment in any building or production process our clients present, in a sustainable and efficient manner, thus ensuring that the clients organization or business remains competitive in an ever-changing world. Priva considers it a duty and a responsibility to use and manage resources, nature and the environment with the utmost care. That is why innovation with a view to sustainability is a high priority. Its own company headquarters, the Priva Campus (De Lier, Netherlands), provides an excellent example of this.