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for Holistic energy Management of the dynamics of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas


Participant Nº: 6    Short name: ESO    Country: Italy

Organization’s profile

European Society of Concurrent Engineering (ESoCE-Net)

ESoCE-Net is a non-profit making organization whose knowledge scope is focused on the Concurrent Enterprising and Concurrent Innovation. The ESoCE-Net mission consists of promoting research in the CE domain, enacting the sharing and exchanging of its latest developments, and performing a catalyst role for its adoption in Industry through focused initiatives to disseminate the knowledge and to support the first implementation of research results. ESoCE-Net contributes to the industrial and social impact of research projects and industrial initiatives through its network of 500+ multipliers. ESoCE's network of multipliers counts more than 500 organisations, representing thousands of industrial companies (mainly SMEs) and tens of thousands of individuals and professional. ESoCE-Net has a specific experience in setting up and managing Virtual Communities as well as in organizing and conducting conferences, workshop, dissemination and interaction events targeted to specific audiences. Within its activities, ESoCE has launched an annual international event, the ICE Conference that is today established as the main European event on Concurrent Enterprising. The conference is self-sustainable since 1994 and is a 3-day event format, attracting more than 250 per year and relying on more than 6000 contacts in the network. The ICE event has evolved and grown in terms of size, nature, number of papers presented, quality of papers and presentations, quality of proceedings and countries represented and it is now accredited as an IEEE event. Compared to other events in the domain, ICE is remarkable for its continuous good balance between industrial and academic participation and the multi-national character of the event. In addition, ESoCE-Net organizes every year the ESoCE Industrial Forum, a self-sustainable, one-day event, attracting more than 80 attendees per year.

ESoCE-Net competencies include:

  • Set-up of Business Ecosystems Service Centres, leveraging organisation and structures by current multipliers such as Industrial Associations / Regional Centres, offering services VE set-up and management, the evaluation of the cooperation potential and qualification of potential BE‟s members.
  • Supporting innovation capabilities in Business Ecosystems, Living Labs and Collaborative Clusters, by providing them with Virtual Professional Communities, aimed at providing SMEs in the cluster with highly qualified team of professional in charge of supporting them in developing new/innovative products.

In particular, within the ODYSSEUS project, ESoCE-Net will deploy Living Lab methodology, in order to support the collection of the requirements and the set-up of the pilots in order to take account for the users feedback and suggestions on the developed services.