Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the dynamics of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas

Odysseus Consortium

The ODYSSEUS consortium has a very good balance between research centres, industrial partners, technology providers and city end-users: 3 technological centres (CSTB, TNO, sGS), 3 industrial partners (TELVENT, ADVANTIC and PRIVA), 1 promoting organization (EsoCE-Net), and 2 local authorities (Manchester City Council, Roma Municipality).

The European dimension of the required innovation is supported by the involvement of partners from 5 European countries (Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy and United-Kingdom), to cope with the European diversity (architectural, cultural, economical…), and assures a Europe wide problem definition and solution.

It should be noted that, despite no energy supplier is explicitly present as consortium partner, this profile will be taken into account in the definition, development and assessment of the ODYSSEUS solution through the pilot local authorities who both of them maintain privileged links with their local energy supplier: Electricity North West (ENW) at Manchester, and ACEA at Rome.