Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the dynamics of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas


Participant Nº: 1    Short name: TEL    Country: Spain

Organization’s profile

Telvent (is now part of Schneider Electric) provides smart information for a sustainable world through high value-added products, services and integrated solutions in the energy, transportation, environment and agriculture segments, as well as global IT services. Through its innovative technology and client-proven expertise, Telvent enables the efficient and secure real-time management of operational and business processes for industry-leading companies worldwide. Telvent currently has over 6,000 highly qualified professionals working in 17 corporate offices worldwide, all dedicated to advanced solutions that improve security, efficiency and sustainability for people throughout the world.

Telvent’s four main areas of actuation are:

Smart Global Transportation Systems

Road, rail, maritime and air transportation executives face the task of managing infrastructure that simply cannot expand rapidly enough to meet insatiable transportation demand. They must address that task with limited budget resources and balance their decisions with security, safety, energy and environmental impact concerns. To support the transportation industry, Telvent offers SmartMobility™, an integrated suite of solutions that represents entirely new thinking in advanced intelligent infrastructure management. It includes solutions for Traffic Management, Public Transport, Parking Management, and Airport logistics.

Smart Energy & Smart Grid

Telvent has deep roots in the complex energy industry and is fully prepared to help our energy customers maximize efficiencies in their production and distribution infrastructure well into the future and furthermore to provide enterprise-level automation control and information management solutions that enable decision makers to optimize energy supply and security at every point in a vast distribution system. Telvent energy solutions revolve around highly advanced SCADA and enterprise GIS technology, which forms the foundation for pipeline management systems and real-time reporting tools that maximize efficiency in core business functions and energy use, as well as solutions for Smart Lighting at the cities, Smart Buildings, Gas distribution, Water Management and Smart Grid.


With our leadership in intelligent enterprise management solutions in the energy, transportation and agriculture sectors, Telvent is in the unique position to drive innovative, environmentally responsible business practices in major global markets. It includes solution for Weather Management, weather forecasting for Smart Agriculture.


Telvent implement a wide range of projects in critical rural and marine areas. And we have pioneered the development of innovative IT solutions and services to ensure the sustainability, efficiency and safety of companies in these industries.