Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the dynamics of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas


Participant Nº: 3    Short name: TNO    Country: Netherlands

Organization’s profile

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek (TNO)

The BIM Team is THE knowledge provider in the Netherlands for ICT integration and innovation in the construction industry sector using Building Information Models (BIM). As a neutral partner, we realize open, future-proof integration solutions for architects, engineering agencies, contractors, suppliers and clients/end-users. These solutions are typically based on international, open standards like ISO STEP, BuildingSmart IFC, OGC CityGML and the latest W3C Semantic Web technologies. The mission of TNO is to make science and technology resulting from research and development useable for the Dutch and European Private and Public sector. They have a long track record in successful European R&D.

The TNO Connected Business Group has an extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art and innovative ICT components, systems, methods and tools especially around interoperability and information modelling. Furthermore, the group has in-depth experience with standardization activities, in particular in the field of telecommunication and internet standardization and sector-specific information standardization, including the energy sector. This knowledge and experience is applied to a large amount of different sectors, including the energy sector with a focus on smart grids and the information exchange with households. This knowledge is consulted to for various customers such as energy suppliers and energy network operators, including Alliander, Essent and Eneco.