Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the dynamics of energy supply, demand and storage in urban areas

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Project Deliverables

Here is a list of Project deliverables for the first year; later we will provide abstracts of the documents


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Pilot Business Cases

This deliverable aims to gather the two approach to be followed on the two pilot sites Manchester City and Roma XI


Pilot Integration Scenarios and dEPC Requirements

This deliverable will define in details the proposed integration scenarii for both pilot sites (Manchester City and Roma XI) and will provide the information structure required to store and use the dynamic energy management system will be defined on this deliverable, considering inputs from both project pilots. Moreover, the deliverable will consider the best practices proposed on the PSP ICT methodology for energy saving purposes


Integration Platform

The deliverable will provide an Open Source Software Deegree 3D GIS-based server platform for OGC CityGML


Extension Approach & Energy ADE (prototype version)

The deliverable will describes a prototype version of the proposed extension approach for Energy Application Domain Extension (ADE)


Extension Approach & Energy ADE (final version)

The deliverable will describes a proposed extension approach for Energy Application Domain Extension (ADE) by keeping synchronization with dEPC modeling results


Odysseus Framework Definition

This deliverable describes the architectural framework of the ODYSSEUS system, including the interoperability solutions between the GIS server, the dEPC base, and the set of software tools to provide end-users with monitoring and decision-making tools


Odysseus Validation Methodology

This deliverable provides the validation methodology to be addressed in both pilots sites. The deliverable will be disseminated on the cross-cutting initiative of the European Comission future site.


Demonstration Platform

This deliverable describes how the ODYSSEUS solution will be implemented and integrated with existing systems in order to enable the most efficient energy usage. It will also specify how the validation process will follow the common methodology for benchmarking adopted from the ICT-PSP projects


Dissemination & Impact Creation Plan

This deliverable describes the dissemination strategy adopted by the ODYSSEUS Consortium and the relevant implementation plan (consisting of a shared event schedule for ODYSSEUS relevant dissemination opportunity)


Project Website

This deliverable reports description and processes for Project Website. The project website will be set up at the very beginning of the project and will be periodically updated on the basis of the project achievements

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